Monday, June 7, 2010

moisturiser reccomendation?

Can anyone reccomend an amaziiing moisturiser? Mine is running out and I really want to try something new. My skin is normal, not oily/combo, dry or sensitive. Price isn't an issue, I just don't wanna pay a heap of money for something that isn't very good, so I need opinions.
Please help me

EDIT: Thank you to the beautiful Anastasia-Evangaline for making me realise that I forgot to mention I'm after face moisturiser reccomendations :)


  1. For face or body?

    Face I always use Clinique Moisture Surge or Nivea Control Shine.

    Plus, I always recommend the Happy Derm range. It's available at Kmart etc and I got a few bottles of the face wash mousse for $3! It's like whipped cream and my face never feels as good as when I use this product.

    For body I use 100 different ones but I love Maybe Baby by Benefit because it gives you a slight shimmer and it's slightly scented.

    There are sure to be 1000 better products out there but I use those the most.

  2. hahaha i totally forgot to add what kind of moisturiser i was after! oops. ahwell, edited it now.

    i have heard soo many good things about clinique, and ive always been tempted to buy some from my local myer, but the people who work at the myer here are (for the most part) snobby bitches. might have to buy online :)
    thanks so much for the opinion!

  3. I am a firm believer in good oldfashioned oil of olay. The one for sensitive skin is light but works fabulous. As for my belief in it, well I've been using it since I was 19, I am now almost 37 and you can go look on my blog I proudly do not look my age at all.

    P.S. avoid daily face moisturiser with SPF, my sister used them for years and has had several precancerous spots removed from her face, I swear it is the spf that causes it.

  4. I have always used Olay, classic formula. =)

  5. @evil angel my mum raves about oil of olay! strangely i have never used it before though. well im 19 so hopefully if i start using it now, ill look hal as good as you at 37! and that scares me to death about the spf. i thought i was bad because my moisturiser has no spf in it, i was using a face sunscreen overtop for awhile but it just felt too heavy and sticky.

    @red2486 thanks! ill have to give it a go. its fairly cheap too, which is a bit of a bonus =)

  6. I use clinique dramatically different lotion...its a good all-round moisturiser, doesnt contain spf, sinks into the skin leaving it non-greasy...its just awesome!
    i buy mine on strawberry net though, at about half the price they sell for at myer/dj's :D

  7. I love Olay. I use the Total Effects for Blemish Prone Skin. Smells divine :)

    You can get it on sale for about $25 from priceline i think.

    Lovely Blog btw <3

    Jenni @ Beauty By Two