Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day03: Favourite tv programme.

I am a movie &tv show fanatic. I own almost 500 dvds and I have a one terabyte hard drive that is nearly full with movies and tv shows. At first I thought I could pick just one tv show or maybe 2 but after thinking, I have realised I can only narrow it down to 5. Here they are...
Grey's Anatomy
I never watched this when it first aired on tv. I borrowed the first season off a friend about a year later and I fell in love. I own all the seasons and am very sad that George and Izzy are no longer in it. This show is perfection. I've never liked medical shows much, Grey's Anatomy is the exception.
Favourite charcter; Miranda Bailey
Law & Order SVU
The best crime drama I have ever seen in my life. I am absolutely obsessed with this show and I watch the seasons again & again. I know who the bad guy is within the first 30 seconds of every episode, and there are over 200 episodes. You're probably thinking I need a life right about now? And you are probably right lol
Favourite character; Odafin Tutuola!
Summer Heights High
I'm not sure that this gets aured anywhere other than Australia or if any of you bloggers not from Aus have heard of it? I LOVE IT! It was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen in my life. I even went and bought a shirt that says 'I love your bins, they're so random' ahahaha. I'm highly depressed that there is only one season. My lovely boyfriend randomly surprised me and bought this home for me some time last year. I love those gifts you get for absolutely no reason.
Favourite character; Ja'mie
Kath & Kim.
So so SO Australian. This is one of the funniest Australian shows I've ever seen. I'm actually not a big fan of 99% of Australian moves and tv shows. They just generally suck. But this is absolutely amazing. If you haven't seen the real version of this and have only seen the American version, DO NOT JUDGE. I watched the American version and it is fucking awful. It is nothing like the real Kath&Kim show.
Favourite character; Kim
The Mighty Boosh
I love absolutely everything about this show. There aren't even words. I just freaking love it. I am dyinggg for Boosh to come to Australia so I can go see them.
Favourite character; The Moon or Old Gregg

What are your thoughts on my favourites?


  1. I love Grey's Anatomy too!:D Can't wait for the next season!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. i'm a total tv/movie addict too! glad i'm not the only one :).

  3. nah i dont think anyone NOT in aussie will know abt kath&kim (i rmb they were quite hot in britain dint they?)
    kath& kim was around 8yrs ago wasn't it? love them to bits!

    xoxo elle