Friday, August 6, 2010

what are they called?

I am in LOVE with this style of wallet and have wanted one for aaages now but I have no idea what they are specifically called or even if they have a specific name. Do you know?
This photo was taken off eBay and it was listed as 'hard case wallet'. I have literally typed everything I can think of into the eBay search bar. I even just typed in wallet and sifted through hoping to come across some that shared a specific name.
The only place I can find that sells them around here is Sportsgirl and they only stock like 2, and they are very small and not very nice.

If you can help me solve my mystery, I would be eternally grateful :)



  1. From what I recall they are called either hinged wallets or id cases :) Hope that helped

  2. Dunno the name, but I have one and I love it

  3. Hinged wallet or clutch wallet?
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  4. oh babe, you can buy these anywhere! ie. forever new ( you can even see on the bag underneath the wallet that its from froever new) and diva and equip even sell em. last one i saw had 'hard case clip wallet' on the tag. hope tht healped x

  5. thanks so much guys :)

    @annebabes; there is no forever new near me sadly, the picture of the wallet is one i was actually watching on ebay but forgot to bid on lol. i went into diva on monday and they had none. ill have to have a look in equip :)

  6. hey, ive got like 5 of these wallets. a denim bleach tye-dye and some rainbow and coral and gold moc-croc skin ones.

    they're awesome.