Monday, August 16, 2010

hair rut

I'm in a hair rut at the moment. Since getting my extensions out, I have bleached my hair twice and dyed it twice but I'm still bored with it. I already have almost a centremetre of regrowth which looks awful, and is also precisely the reason I don't want to go back to blonde. I seem to constantly have that skanky black regrowth. I'm sick of dark brown. I don't want to touch red with a ten foot pole. What to do? I will probably just end up going dark brown again as usual. I'd like to get a new hairstyle but I don't trust any hairdressers around here. If I asked for a trim I would get a pixie cut. They just don't seem to listen or care.
Have you been in a hair rut? How did you get out of it?

and now for some hair envy...


  1. instead of going back to dark brown, chuck a light ash brown in and do some chunks of dark brown and medium brown.

    low-light it. dont waste all the progress you have made.

  2. I like all those hairstyles, but my hair is really curly and I can't have them

  3. What about dying your hair chestnut ? So it's brown with a touch of red... and put some random light higlights in