Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am after primer reccomendations. Mine has recently started to give my skin an orangey tinge that shows through my make up. Not attractive at all. I have noticed Priceline only sell about 3 kinds of primers also, which is pretty disappointing. So I want to know what primer you use? Or if you have any you can reccomend to me.

:) xox

PS. I am after facial primer reccomendations not eye primer


  1. i use the australis primer :)
    i only just recently purchased it and it's my first primer ever used so i can't compare it to others
    overall i think it's great

  2. Til now, my favourite primer is Benefit That Gal, though I also like MUFE HD Primer

  3. I can give you some primer. All ya' gotta do is suck it outta a hose : 3