Thursday, August 19, 2010

i want...

Studded Heels
I really want a pair of studded platforms. I couldn't find a picture of exactly what I want but what my dream shoe would be is, studs on just the platform and studs on the actual heel. Yummy.

James Bond Ultimate Collectors Edition
I fucking LOVE Bond. They have been playing a Bond movie every Thursday here, and I love it. I want every single Bond movie. Except the ones with Daniel Craig in it. Worst.Bond.Ever. Roger Moore is my favourite and as I type this I am watching The Spy Who Loved Me. Heaven!
New Jewellery
An engagement ring would probably freak me out but I want some new jewellery that doesn't come from Diva or Equip haha I want some new real deal diamonds.

Always wine.

A Puppy
I am moving house on October 1st and since my new landlord is a family friend, she said I can get a puppy! I am so excited. I have been thinking of names and breeds non stop. I don't want a small yappy dog. I want at least a medium sized dog and it has to be a boy.

A Holiday
To this exact place in the picture. I have wanted to holiday in the Whitsundays for a few years now and it will be happening next year. I cannot wait.

A new tattoo
Since my plans for my next tattoo got shot to shit, I have been trying to think of a new one and finally have a design in mind. I just have to get my tattooist to draw it up for me. I have already decided my next will be on my wrist. I will probably get it done in a month or so. It has been almost a year since my last tattoo, seems so much longer

And that is all.

It's my birthday tomorrow so I probably won't be posting again until Saturday or Sunday but I will be sure to let you all know what I got :)


PS. In one hour and twenty two minutes I will no longer be a teenager. MASSIVE sadface!


  1. hopefully you desire is achieved dear
    you're the best.
    visit my blog too


  2. Studded shoes are freaking hot! No wonder you want them XD There are alot of them now and i really want i pair too ;D

  3. Just found your blog, love those shoes x

  4. I want new jewelry too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. So i was just in Kmart and i was scoping the shoes and there are some new heels that are exactly what you said you wanted, studs on only the heel and platform bit. You should definitely go check them out, they should have them in a Kmart store closes to you!?