Friday, July 23, 2010


Today I fell asleep in front of the heater and I woke up to find that my entire lower back has been burned. It looks like I have a weird rash or something. Wearing clothes has been very painful. I've been walking around in a bra most of the day. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I have to actually wear a top tomorrow, ech. And I am dreading my morning shower, ouch. Is there stuff you can put on these kinds of burns? Bepanthen does not work lol.


  1. Oh my, I hope it heals soon!
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  2. Just google drugstore burn oitments<cant spell You should really get something on that because burns last a lot longer than any other type of abrasion.

  3. Yowch, that must kill! Its hard not to fall asleep infront of the heater though, its so relaxing lol

  4. aloe vera lotion helps big time. takes the heat out of your skin straight away. its a green jelly consistency.

    btw, whats news with the hair?

  5. the burn was practically gone when i woke up the next morning, so weird, but im not complaining. maybe bepanthen does work haha

    news with mt hair? not much, its doing good, i put a light brown semi permanent over the top and when that fades in a few weeks, probably another round of bleaching. its lightening so well and ive had no snapping so im happy :)

  6. I'm glad your back healed quickly! Sounds sore the first day!

    I've deleted my old blog that you used to follow but I've started a new one based more around fashion so feel free to follow if u like :] it would also be cool to hear your opinion on good aussie places to buy clothes xx