Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am so excited right now. WINTER IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Thank god! I know it will probably still be cold for a few weeks but I am already excited for the warm weather. I absolutely hate winter. There are never enough layers of clothing to be warm, my feet go numb in my heels and to be honest, I could list a thousand things I hate about winter. But spring &summer, I feel warm just thinking about it. Crisp whites and soft nudes, vibrant florals, sunkissed skin, sunny days, bare legs &short dresses, swimming, sitting under the airconditioner in my underwear while eating an ice cream. I really cannot wait.

As today is the first day of spring, I was hoping that by some miracle it would be a gorgeous day today, but looking out my loungeroom window all I am seeing is a sky filled with clouds and no sun anywhere, my hands are cold and I'm all rugged up with my heater on, so here are some photo's to get myself and possibly you in the mood for spring. . .


  1. i love spring & summer!
    the last weekend here was sooo warm and nice, such a nice change from the cold!
    bring on the hot days xxx