Thursday, September 9, 2010


Last week I bought this bra from Bras N Things

[Clearly this is not me. Photo taken from]

Anyway, so I bought this bra sometime last week. You can't see by ths photo but the back of the bra is lace, not the meshy type stuff that a lot of bras are. It's also able to be a strapless bra.

I tried it on and loved it, so I took it home and washed it and I wore it yesterday and it has been giving me hell. I have imprints of the lace on my sides, just my sides, not my back, and the wire on the sides is digging into me every now and then. You are probably thinking that I bought an ill-fitting bra but I didn't. It fits perfectly, it just digs in when I lay down etc. It's making me feel like I have a rash(because the lace rubs on my skin) and it's really not comfortable but it's such a gorgeous bra.

I was wearing it when I caught up with my best friend and I showed her the damage and she seems to think it's not an 'everyday bra' and that it's supposed to be for sexy occassions or whatever. My boyfriend and my mother agree with her.

So, what I want to know is, what do you think?

I personally don't own any plain bras except for my sports bras. All of mine are 'sexy' I suppose you would say? I figure if I have to spend a lot of money to get a decent bra that fits and supports I might aswell get a gorgeous one.

And furthermore, I don't know that I even have 'sexy occasions'. Does sexy occassion mean trying to wow your boyfriend? Because I don't walk around in my bra and hope he jumps my bones.

I just believe that a bra can/should not only be supportive but really pretty aswell.
I'm in a bit of a pickle because I love this bra, it's a perfect fit (minus the lace rubbing on my skin).

Obviously I cannot return it as I have washed and worn it. I just don't see myself wearing it beause it's agony which means I have just thrown away $64.99.

Has this ever happened to you? Any advice or opinions on anything I've talked about?
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.



  1. I have had an issue like that before and just took it back. I think some bras are just for wearing on special occasions to woo your man or whoever. Victoria Secret does carry cute and sexy bras that are still for everyday use and much cheaper. I mean they can get up there, but everything I have ever bought from them has been great. Plus they usually have sales all the time. I just got a sexy hot pink and black cheetah one thats wired and more of a push up bra for $15. Thats a great deal if I say so. :)

  2. Oh dear :( Thats not good is it? Could you maybe be allergic to the fabric or something? It does sound as if the fabric and finish of the bra is quote harsh, and maybe not very forgiving to every day general wear. Which sucks though, cause it is really pretty! :( hmm. xx