Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's finally starting to feel like spring. Yesterday the sun was shining almost all day and at one point I changed from pants to shorts(that may have been because I was cleaning and working up a sweat though lol). When the weather gets a little bit warmer there just seems to be something in the air. I can almost smell christmas. Can you believe it's only 101 days away? I need to get my ass in to gear and do some shopping as I am notorious for doing all my shopping in one day, usually on abotu the 22nd of December. This year I'm going to go to Melbourne and do all my christmas in one day with a couple of girlfriends.

Usually by this time, I have a christmas list constructed in my mind. Almost always consisiting of a new bikini, make-up, clothes, something electriconic(camera, phone etc) but this year all I really want is to deck my house out. I have officially become domesticated. How sad. But to be honest, I enjoy it.

A few friends of friends have moved out of home recently and after visiting their houses I'm gobsmacked. So many people treat their homes like crap.

I take a lot of pride in my appearance, I always have, so it was only natural that when I moved in to my own house that I would take a lot of pride in the appearance of my home too. I'm just suprised that I seem to be one of few. I try so hard to keep my house immaculate and I hoenstly don't mind cleaning it because it makes me feel proud of where I live when it's so spotless.

I'm not lucky enough to have a whole heap of spare money at my disposal to go out and buy couchs that cost in the thousands or to buy an 800 dollar entertainment unit, but I do the best with what I have and I upgrade as I can afford it. If I had a lot more money you can bet my home would look completely different but it's not necessarily the furnishings in a house that make it nice. I keep it fresh and bright with flowers and photos and as little clutter as possible in a small unit.

It would appear I'm rambling and I'm sorry. I will do a post with some pretty pictures later


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