Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm going to put it out there, I LOVE tattoos. I love cute little tattoos and huge intricite tattoos. There is no way in hell I would be able pull off anything like a sleeve, nor could I afford it or handle the pain. But I do have 4 tattoos and for some reason I am not a huge fan of telling people this(kind of a hipocritical blog post then, yes?) and I am not a fan of flashing them to random people or explaining them to random people. I'm not sure why but it just makes me uncomfortable. I love looking at others but I am not really a tattoo 'judger'. If I don't like someones tattoo, I'd obviously never tell them but even if I don't like it I can appreciate the amazing quality and effort put in. I don't really know what my point is, I think I'm just rambling.

Anyway, people always seem surprised when they discover I have a tattoo. They are even more suprised when they find out I have four. And of course, they want to see them. Mine are not huge or incredibly detailed and they don't make sense to other people. I have strategically placed them so that they are rarely visible to others because I strongly believe that a tattoo is something you should get for yourself and not something to just brag about. (I am not saying that a visible tattoo is there for bragging rights, I'm just saying I didn't make mine that visible because random peoples questions about them make me uncomfortable) I feel I'm being judged when I show people that I don't know my tattoos and I really hate that feeling.

I got my first tattoo done locally by someone who shall not be named and he royally fucked it. I mean it is UNFIXABLE. Which is crazy because I have seen some of the detailed work he has done and it is usually flawless! I am trying to save money to get it removed and then re done properly in the same spot. Because of this incident, there is only one tattooist I will let touch me and he recently moved about two hours away. I have had a new one on my brain for about a year now but I just cannot seem to find anything or think of anything I'm really in love with. I want a big one but I don't know if I'd look silly with it because I'm petite. I'd love a wrap around tattoo on my lower front/side/back but have no idea what I'd get.

Like I said, I don't know what the point of this post is. Just rambling my thoughts I think.

What are your thoughts on tattoos? Have you ever got one and been unhappy with it?

paige x


  1. I really want a tattoo, but my friends have been trying to talk me out of it saying it'll look gross if i put on weight + when i get old... but live for the moment, right?

    I want a rose vine sort of thing up my right side, with 3 roses to represent important people i've lost, and possibly a few falling petals to represent something else thats sort of special to me.

    my mum has a few though... my dad none, but my mum is still getting more at 33 haha. she has a huuuge tribal thing from her lower back, down her thighs. i dont like it THAT much but its beautiful.


  2. I love tattoos. I have no idea if I could rock a sleeve, but I know one day I want to really badly. I have one as well; a big piece on my back. Would love to see pictures of yours!


  3. @julie YOUR FRIENDS ARE CRAZY! that sounds like a beautiful tattoo!!! i totally agree about the living for the moment thing. my theory is (for example) if you get a tattoo on say you shoulder blade and it looks crappy when your 50, wear a freaking t shirt and problem is solved! they look good now, so why not get them now?
    and if you want it up your side, who is going to really be looking there when youre older?

    thats awesome about your mum, my parents have none, but they love all the tattoos my brothers and i have.

    @cara yeah im so scared of a sleeve. i think they look amazing though. i loveee huge back pieces. is there a photo of it on your blog? i love looking at other peoples tattoos. i might try and get over my fear of being judged and put my tattoos on here :)


  4. I wouldnt mind getting smething small on the inside of my wrist, but it'd have to be something that i wouldnt outgrow lol...i know a couple of teens that have got band names tattooed on their wrists and it just makes me think, what happens when you grow up and forget about these bands one day? you know, its just silly.
    I've got the next best thing to tattooed legs though - tattoo stockings! ive got a pic of me wearing them a couple of posts back, but theyre super awesome and look real :D

  5. I'm scared, I will never get one, I just won't be able to handle the pain!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  6. Sometimes it looks great, but I don't want to have it :)

  7. I love tattoo's. I only have one at the moment and it's small. But my next one will be bigger than my first and possibly in colour.

    I watch LA Ink, I also have the Suicide Girls book and Tattooed Girls Rock book, all for inspiration. But I like so much I just can't make up my mind lol.

  8. I love tattoos. I've wanted one since I was 16 but I have a phobia of needles so yet to get one... my dad loves them he has 4 and wants more, but my mum hates them. :/ - Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle from London.x

  9. I have a couple of tats, just small, personal ones. I'd love to get some more, but I don't want to rush out and not be truly set on something. I was thinking of getting 2011 at the end of nxt yr to signify me finishing my bachelor of nursing.

    I've only been a little unhappy with the one i got on my arm, some of the letters are a little smudged, but I think I have learnt to love how it is imperfect.


  10. I am a tattoo lover! I have a lot, some very large and detailed and some so small they aren't noticable. All of my large tattoos are hidden unless I wore a bikini and that just isn't going to happen.
    I have many more in mind and slowly I will get them all.
    I gave my oldest Daughter a tattoo for her 18th birthday from my favorite artist in Texas.
    My husband is tattooed, my parents were tattooed as were my GrandParents and about 100 generations back. Most are traditional Blackfoot tattoos.

    I do have one tattoo pet peeve, OK two:
    1) I hate lick n stick tattoos. The kind that isn't really art but is a purchased image that 4000 other people have an exact relpica of. I just don't get that.
    2) So called tribal tattoos. I am Native American and those are not from any Native tribe and you'll never catch a native wearing one. I mean really how cool can it be if every muscle bound bone head and his porn star girlfriend have the same "tribal" arm band....not art just silly!
    Just my opinion.

  11. I love tattoo posts!

    I love tattoos, I have 11 and booked in for 2 more soon! I am proabbl;y considered heavily tattooed as my tats are rather large and in visible places, I think you are right though, they are for you. something no one can ever take away. I like that you posted this! I cant wait to get to know you more and find out about your tattoos ;) <3

  12. one of my best friends has like 14 tattoos, and hers are fairly large and visible and she constantly gets complimented! i love how they are finally beginning to be something that is actually considered art. theres still a lottt of people who look down on tattooed people but its going away slowly.

    have you put your tattoos up in a post? i love seeing other peoples tattoos!