Saturday, April 3, 2010

my messy closet

I need to make my closet look something like this. Neat, tidy, co-ordinated, ORGANISED. My closet is such a mess at the moment that I literally forget about clothes, shoes and accessories that I have because I never see them to think about wearing them.

I only have a very small closet and like I said in my last post, I'm considering turning our spare room into my make up room/ clothes room. May be a bit difficult though as there is a pool table in our spare room and I know my boyfriend will not part with that. The simple fact is; I NEED MORE STORAGE SPACE.

I saw a couple of bigger houses for rent today that I'm very interested in and the lease on this shit hole runs up next month so I will be applying for them and praying I get them. One even has a backyard! That would make me so so happy!

I decided to put up a picture of my closet as it is at the moment and I will be cleaning it out tomorrow and will post an 'after' picture tomorrow night. Wish me luck, it's going to be a loong day tomorrow :)

This is my closets current state. It's hard to find anything, there's no order. My shoes have started to line my walls because there's nowhere to put them. As you can see, I do not share with my boyfriend. He has a tallboy. The only thing of his hanging in the closet is a suit or two lol.

If anyone has any suggestions on a good method of cleaning out/re organising, please let me know.

How do you organise your closet? By colour, by garment type? In no particular order?

paige x


  1. Thanks so much! I follow you.

  2. My shoes used to lie on the bottom of my wardrobe like that too, but then I bought several of those hanging shoe know the ones that are made of canvas and fit like 10 pairs of shoes? They are so much better!
    My wardrobe has 2 hanging spaces ontop of one another though if you get what I mean so alll my shoes occupy the bottom rack and my dresses/jackets/cardies are on the top half. But dont even get me started on the other side of my wardrobe...ahaha I think Im gonna do a post like this now!!

  3. ooh thats a good idea. i REALLY want one of those huge ass walk in closets with like a shoe wall. would be amaziiing. id love to have one with the two hanging racks. whoever designed my house should be shot. bad bad designer! yes do it, i love seeing peoples closets and stuff! :D

  4. My advice is to be totally's hard but you have to get rid of things you don't wear regularly. Then get stuff into seasonal sections (Summer & Winter) and within in that arrange in groups...trousers, skirts, tops etc.

    Good Luck! :)

  5. okay. be ruthless. ill try! i get so clingy to my clothes, but ill keep this in mind,

    thats a good organisation idea. might even fold some of the things i wont be wearing this season and put them somewhere else. that would save me time when trying to find stuff to wear too!


  6. I love your collection of shoes :) sorry I'm obsessed with shoes! high heeled ones especially ^^
    <3 huong