Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm pretty sick of spending over $60 on shampoo &conditioner every month or so. I currently use Matrix Biolage for dyed hair but I find that I have to use a lot of it. Especially conditioner. So I am thinking of using the shampoo and conditioner that you buy at priceline/supermarkets but I have no idea what's good and what's not. I've seen prices range from $2 to about $18. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is good and what is a no go?


  1. Hands down try out REDKEN, best shampoo I think and for about $40 for both conditioner & shampoo it's a pretty good saving on your part ! You can get it from good hairdressers or even hairhouse warehouse !

    Good luck babe


  2. ohwhat? that is a really good price. i noticed that the matrix range sneakily sells you a conditioner that is about 50mls smaller than the shampoo which is ridiculous!

    ive heard some good things about redken but didnt realise it was only $40 for both. i was paying around $28 a bottle for matrix.

    thanks for the advice doll! xox

  3. Yeah redken is pretty good .. I had really dry damaged hair at one stage and my hairdresser got me to use redken "smooth down" and it made my hair soooo smooth ! So that's pretty much the only shampoo&conditioner I get! I'd your really on a budget then try out coconut milk from like safeway or coles ! Only $15 each and heaps good for your hair, leaves you smelling like coconut as well ehehe :P
    I've heard of the brand you use and heard it's really good, never knew it was that expensive though :(


  4. oh wow that sounds amazing. my hair is soo damaged from heat styling and hair dye, i think ill definitely give that a go. im not really on a budget i just felt like i was wasting money on something i wasnt loving and that just wasnt working for my hair :)

  5. I use tresemme heat protect shampoo and conditioner as well as the straightening/heat protecting balm and its really good for protecting hair if youre constantly using the straightener like me, haha.
    I got the biiiig bottles for like $8 each when they were on sale at priceline...but yeah. thats just my little 2 cents worth for you, hehe :)

  6. i saw that at priceline and it smelled sooo good, but i had no idea if it would work or not. i actually dont straighten my hair too much. maybe once a week but its just soo damaged :)

  7. If u want to try something really cheap and amazing get the VO5 shampoo and Conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Honestly its like 6bucks and I swear by it! and I have crazily dry damaged hair!

  8. I'm not sure if you have Herbal Essences over in the UK but they make a special shampoo and conditioner team for color treated hair. It's about four dollars a bottle and it works pretty well!

    Hope that helps!

    I love these shampoo & conditoners.
    It leaves my hair super soft. :]

  10. Aussie. I love it, and it smells amaaaaaaaaaaazing. It really cleans your hair. I just love it :P

    Also i use treseme and that's pretty awesome.

    I love Herbal Essences smell too, but it often makes my hair greasy quicker, and it doesn't actually do anything for my hair except make it shiney and smell awesome.

    Sometimes if I have to buy my own shampoo+conditioner, i go to poundland (dollarstore?) and get it there for cheap instead of spending loads. what, im cheap :P


  11. I tagged you for an award, my awesome homegirl! *gangsta hand motion* haha