Saturday, April 10, 2010

forever flawless

I almost died when I saw this last week! I was super short on money and as much as it killed me, I put it back on the shelf and walked away. This week however, I had plenty to spare so I went back to see if there were any left and it looked like none had even been touched.

"Acclaimed make up artist Napoleon Perdis shares essential beauty secrets for women of all ages"
'With step-by-step instructions and advice, Forever Flawless explores all the beauty basics: from tools to skincare. From the vagaries of mascara application to nail care. From choosing the right lipstick to time-saving products that can be used in versatile ways. And it takes you through every decade to help you be flawless, no matter what your age. Crammed with all the tricks of the trade, this is the ultimate make-up guide'

I swear to god, this thing is like my bible and I've had it for all of two days! There are so many do's and don't's for make up and skin care application out there, that I never know which to believe or to go on because they are so condradictory of one another. But I definitely trust what Napoleon Perdis says, and he isn't just plugging his own products in his book(I mean, he does but that's not ALL it is) It actually tells you how to find your skin type and how to apply everything properly.

The pictures are super helpful aswell. In the sections on application there are actually photographs of a person with product sitting on their face so you know where to put it, it's not just words.

The photographs are gorgeous! I could seriously rave about this book all day.

I took a couple of pictures of the book...
I'd reccommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about all things beauty from an absolute genius!

paige x


  1. ima look for it on ebay or amazon! I could seriously use some tips.


  2. Ohhh i want one!

  3. wowww this looks like a very cool book with tons of beauty tips~~ just what I need!
    thanks for sharing^^

    <3 Risya

  4. awesome thanks for this info and im glad you were able to get this book ^_^

  5. Oh wow - this book looks great! :) I am not the best with make up so this book looks perfect to teach me everything I know! Thanks for the fab post! xxx

  6. I WANT! *adds to shopping list*

  7. Paiigggeee I LOL'd at your comment on my blog...were u being serious? it was so random! haha. That book looks awesome btw. And your paypal $$ should clear by tomorrow, according to paypal!

  8. Oh ok lol! Yeah one is a german shepherd and the other one is a maltese schitzu x poodle!

  9. Finally I found someone who posted a picture from the book other than the cover...I'm the model on the cover :) Napoleon is great to work with and his whole team is super talented. This book is a definite must-have.