Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I really want to try Soap & Glory products. I hear a lot of the UK blogs I follow rave about it, but it's not available in Australia. I've looked on the website and as far as I can see, they don't ship to Australia. Any suggestions on the best way to go about getting a hold of some?

paige x


  1. maybe try ebay? you might be able to find their products on there!

  2. Find a blogger who will be willing to get it+ sell it on to you?

    Or try amazon or ebay?


  3. I have the exact same problem! And then I swapped with a beauty blogger and so I was able to get a hold of a couple of items but I still want more! So I'm on the same boat as you. I even contacted Crush Cosmetics (which is a makeup website that imports from international companies) and asked them if they could stock Soap and Glory but they said that they were tying to expand their other products.. so no luck there. :( But yeah... try ebay or swapping with a beauty blogger. Hopefully that helped!

  4. i so know what you mean! all the bloggers rave about soap and glory products! and the packaging is just too cute regardless!!

    tenielle from http://tennillexx.blogspot.com/ got some soap and glory a while back.. i think maybe a swap? or something? shes an aussie too :D x

  5. haha aw i got mine from ebay :) when they had these big xmas boxes full of stuff! otherwise it's really hard to get x

  6. hey!
    the other day I enter http://www.asos.com & I discovered that the have started to buy Soup & Glory products!
    I think they ship worldwide, or at least they ship to Spain (I'm from Spain).
    I wish I've helped you! (& sorry if my english is bad hehe)