Sunday, April 4, 2010

officially has a clean closet!

I FREAKING DID IT! It took all bloody day but I did it. So proud right now. I took advice from you guys and was very ruthless. I documented as I went so here goes...

This is the before. . .

The first thing I did was take out EVERYTHING. Took everything off their coathangers and made 4 piles; keep, maybe, sell/give away, throw out. I took out all the shoes aswell. I am astonished this many shoes managed to fit in my closet.

This isn't all my shoes, just the ones from my closet. Sadly about 90% of them don't fit me any more. Either my feet have shrunk or sizing in Australia has changed, because this time last year I was literally a size 7 and now I'm a 6. Most of these are size 7 and I never wear them obviously. So on to ebay with them when I can be bothered and time to re stock my shoe collection!

Empty. At this point I was overwhelmed and had to take a break hahaha there were clothes EVERYWHERE. Here are my piles of clothes.

The pile on the left on the floor is my keep pile, the middle pile is my maybes and the left is sell/give away.
After I made the piles, I went through the maybes and was very cut throat about what I wanted to keep.

This is my final keep pile

...And this is my sell/give away pile, or should I say trail lol. I had no idea where to put them so they're currently living in the box my vacuum came in lol sorting them out will be a job for tomorrow. I think I got rid of about half my wardrobe.

I organised everything as follows,(from left to right)pants, dresses, jackets, singlets, tshirts/blouses, 3/4 tops, vests/boleros etc. Everything is in a form of colour co-ordination. And I folded all the clothes I won't be wearing much this season and put them up on the top shelf.

And I finished! I'm not 100% done because I want to look into some of the storage ideas you guys gave me. I would have loved to go down to Target and have a good look but obviously nothing was open today. I don't intend on keeping my shoes at the bottom. I actually have a huge box I want to put all my scarves and belts in that I wanted to put down there. But those are all the shoes I decided to keep. So you can see why I need more lol. I also put all my clutches into a box on the top shelf, and all my gloves, berets etc into another, and all my stockings into another. My boyfriend now has a whole shelf to himself hahaha.

This may all have been a waste of time though as our lease is up in about 2 weeks I think, and if I can find somewhere nicer and not too expensive, I will NOT be staying here. Fingers crossed!

Thank you guys for all your ideas and input, defintiely helped me a lot!

paige x


  1. Congratulations!:D

    A clean closet makes me proud too!:D

    Will now follow your blog, follow mine too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. AHHHHH YOU HAVE SO MANY SHOES!!! Lucky!!!! I really want some new ones now... RIGHT that's it, I'm going shopping today :) but i can never get away with heels because I'm waaayy too tall :(

    Thanks for the comment, and great blog.
    Following :)

  3. Woah. ALSO. YOUR MAYBE PILE?? Put that up for grabs too..! :)

  4. Haha, Thank you. I used to buy LOADS of heels when i was younger, but i had to chuck all of those out too! :(

    WHAT! It's so good being short.! men can pick you up and swing nyou round without killing themselves.! I wish i was dainty... :( haha.

  5. Omg im in love with all those shoes!

  6. omg!

    the SHOES! you have heaps!! ahh so inlove with them all lol you have loads of cute pairs!

    i love having a clean closet :) mines colour co-ordinated and stuff haha most of my clothes are 40% white/neutrals/greys and 40% black and then 20$ colour haha im so adventurous!

  7. your shoes are lovely :)
    you're much tidier than me :P
    <3 huong

  8. Congrats! Glad you sorted them out! It does make you feel slightly sad when you do get rid of some clothes right =/?