Monday, February 27, 2012

le weekend

On the weekend I went to this new bar/cafe/restaurant called St. Ives.
I can't take it seriously because all I can think of is the skin care brand lol

It was actually really pretty, with a huge outdoor area and a cute little acoustic duo who actually invited Nick on stage with them when they forgot the lyrics to a Tenacious D song.
Needless to say; the karaoke soon ensued.
In hindsight I should have taken some photos but ah well.

This is what I wore;

Hello messy loungeroom!

This is my 'How the hell do I pose for a photo?' look
Apologies if I break your monitors lol but I am just no good at doing a serious pose for outfit photos.

I'm wearing;
Dress; Temt
Shoes; Windsor Smith
Jewellery; Majority is from Michael Hill I believe

Not sure if you can even tell but I also have Ulta3 Silver Glitter on my fingers & toes

In other news, how gorgeous is this photo of my cousins dog & cat? 

Too freaking cute.
I was there the day they got the dog and believe me, the relationship has not always been like this! lol



  1. I love those gorgeous shoes& the print on your dress! That pic of the dog & cat is gorgeous. I love dogs & cats who get along, lol.

    1. thank you :)

      ohh me too, nothings cuter than when your pets are friends!

  2. love the cat and dog!!! hilarious! you look lovely, love the shoes and your tat! how funny about the tenacious d karaoke haha

    1. thanks so much :)
      it was funny, soo random lol