Friday, February 10, 2012


Considering I have been MIA from the blogging scene for such a long time, I thought it might be a good idea to do a bit of an updated 'about me', just to show where I am at in my life and what I've been up to.

Here goes:

- My name is Paige.
- I can't stand being called Paigey or any variant. I also can't stand any jokes about pages in books. I have heard them all before and they get less and less amusing.
- I'm short, 155cm to be exact
- I have black hair (naturally mousey brown) and it's getting quite long.
- I wear glasses
- I'm engaged
- I'm a self confessed nerd, I love reading and I love playing old video games
- I have two older (and very protective) brothers, Jordan(25) and Ryan(23).
- I'm very close to my mother
- I'm getting married on September 7, 2013 which also happens to be my 7 year anniversary with the boy
- My best friend and maid of honour is Louise. You will probably hear about her frequently.
- I spent last year doing an Aged Care course and I hated it. I only stuck it out because I honestly had no idea what career I was looking for and aged care is basically a guarunteed job.
- I'm hoping to go to university to become a Registered Nurse, specialising in sexual health.
- My fiancee is a slaughterman.

- I am currently self-employed but will be looking for a job in aged care shortly.
- I have two cats and I absolutely adore them.
- Last year, I had surgery for the first time in my life (That's a long story for another day).
- I love Tim Burton movies.
- I pride myself on being polite, respectful and considerate and I thank my parents for raising me with the morals that I have.

And that sums up me...sort of.

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