Friday, February 17, 2012

wedding cars

This is possibly one of my favourite things to plan out of the whole wedding experience.
I've always known that I didn't want a limousine.
My dream wedding car has always been a Chrysler or a Rolls Royce from the 30's-50's.

I've actually found a local car hire service that uses the same car that the Royal Family uses...

[1949 Rolls Royce - Silver Wraith]

Isn't it beautiful?
I am torn between the above car, the 1938 Chrysler & the 1956 Rolls Royce

1938 Chrysler's

1956 Rolls Royce Bentley S1 & 1956 Rolls Royce Cloud 1
(Apparently these 2 are sister cars. I have no idea what that means!)

Decisions, decisions!

What is/was your dream wedding car?


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