Friday, March 2, 2012

Respect our nurses.

I don't usually do this kind of post but what is going on in our local nursing industry is something I feel very passionate about.
If you live in Victoria, you should feel passionate about it too.

Nursing is a truly heroic career. I don't care if you disagree.
Our nurses are being overworked and underpaid, and run ragged.
It has to change.
Please support our nurses. This issue affects everyone!

I am going to copy and paste a post from Merowyn at Blithely Unaware
Please go visit her blog, she is one of the amazing nurses that cares about her patients and deserves what all the nurses are fighting for.
Merowyn's post;

If You Ever Need A Nurse

Thank you Amy for this photo of your daughter!

The nursing dispute in Victoria is getting scary, the Baillieu Government is trying to stop nurses from discussing their industrial action on Facebook.

Goodbye freedom of speech, it was nice knowing you.

Please do not for a second think that what happens in the public system will NOT happen in the private health system - IT WILL. 
The private system is DIRECTLY influenced by the public.

Nurses are taking carefully organized, 4 hour industrial action which leaves wards with the SAME STAFFING RATIOS that The Ballieu Government is proposing.

The government thinks these ratios are fine, in fact it's what they are pushing for.

Yet - when nurses strike they say we compromise patient care. 

So, which is it?? You can't have it both ways!!

Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said: 

“Why are Mr Baillieu and Minister Davis prepared to waste more taxpayer money on lawyers to censor the internet and control and punish nurses and midwives when they should be working on finding a solution to end this dispute and get improvements happening in our hospitals?”  

 All other images from my Grandma's private collection which she took when she was a nurse.



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