Friday, July 23, 2010

it's my birthday soon

I want the following things...

Chanel wallet.
I desperately want the wallet in the third picture, at over $700 I highly doubt it. A girl can dream though right?

iPod Touch
My iPod is literally full, cannot fit another song on there. I have one of the old, old, old school nano's. It got me through high school and I love it but I just need more than 4gig. I want a 32gig one and I have a sneaking suspicion that my boyfriend is planning on buying me one for my birthday =D

A lifetime supply of Curly Wurlys. Enough said.

Lady Gaga Heartbeat Headphones.
Pretty sure these would look damn sexy with a new iPod Touch. Blinged out headphones. Love it. I can't decide if I want the red or the silver though.

The Art of Tim Burton
This book is a must have for me. I am a Tim Burton lover from wayy back and I'm going to see his exhibition on my birthday. Yay! I want this book so bad but ACMI has already sold out of it, damn.

Another tattoo
I have had my next tattoo planned for a few months now, but I like to sit on them for about 6 months or so before I get them to make sure I really do want them. I'm not going to go in to too much detail because I'm not really a fan of showing/sharing my tattoos with anyone. Mine are very personal and private.

Designer glasses
I would looove a pair of gorgeous designer glasses but my lenses alone cost almost a thousand dollars because I have some bullshit rare seeing problem. If I had these, I would actually go out in public wearing glasses. Unless you are immediate family, my boyfriend or my best friends you will never, ever see me with my current glasses on.

And that's my birthday wishlist so far :)



  1. happy birthday when it comes =)
    i want that headphone for my ipod- its kute!!

  2. happy early birthday ^__^ every girl would dream of that