Friday, July 2, 2010

necklace storage?

I need some storage ideas ladies. Because I live in a rented house with an asshole of a landlord, we are not allowed to put ANYTHING on the walls, doors etc. I desperately needed somewhere to hang my necklaces though so I bought some sticky hooks and put them up on the inside of my closet doors so that when we have inspections they don't get seen. This is no longer an option because I have way too many necklaces and not enough space for hooks, as it is I have about 10 necklaces per hook. I've looked into those cute little necklace holder jewellery box type things but they won't work because most of my necklaces are long, I keep my shorter, expensive necklaces in the boxes they came in. My storage is similar to the image below...

So I want to know, how do you store your necklaces? Especially longer necklaces?



  1. I have about 3 necklace holders, and a jewelerry box sort of thing.
    The necklace holders are basically figurines with hooks.. i'll google it :P sort of like that? But it's not so good for long necklaces...

    But I was thinking of putting all my long ones on a pinboard but i guses you wouldn't be allowed to hang the pinboard up?

  2. I have a necklace holder thing, but you could also use a mug tree :) x

  3. I was in your position when we rented our last house, I ended up just hanging my long necklaces on a coat hanger in my wardrobe. Recently I bought two pink jewelery holders from target, they had white too and they were on sale for $5.30 each.

    5 drawers, clear plastic. It holds all my jewelery so I cant complain. They were just with all the storage items, bathroom accessories, pillows, homewares etc.