Monday, May 24, 2010

which do you prefer?

As you may or may not know I am a little obsessed with Leighton Meesters style and I have found a dress that is almost identical to one she wore recently which I also happen to love. There are two different kinds and I don't know which to buy. White buttons or blue buttons? Which do you prefer?


  1. I personally like the one with the darker buttons, it looks more classy for some reason. The one with white buttons kinda looks like a Japanese school girl uniform (which is cute) but it depends what your going for I guess ?
    Either one is cute .. but if you were going for the "Leigton/Blair" look I'd definitely go for the one with the darker buttons !


  2. I think the dark buttons too, then the neckline is the feature, whether as the white buttons stand out so much.


  3. yeah i'd have to agree with the other ladies, the white buttoned version just looks too uniform/sailor like.. unless that was the look youre trying to pull off

  4. I think I'd personally prefer the white buttons.
    Why add a detail that you can't see =/?

  5. I like the white buttons best although the darker buttons do look a bit classier. The paler ones compliment the trim x

  6. So stinking pretty.

    and I choose the blue because it makes you look less like you're trying to be a sailor and more like a fashionista.


  7. I personally like the white buttoned one, Im intrigued to know which is more expensive...share to spill the beans?? :)
    Thank you for the comment :) <3

  8. I am defintely a fan of the white bttons. But im also a HUGE nautical freak so i adore all things nautical which is probably why i think the blue buttons just look wrong. Oh this is just so cute. I love it!