Thursday, May 20, 2010

hair extension help?

As you all know I got hair extensions about 2 weeks ago. The brand is called HairTalk and they told me I should only use the shampoo & conditioner specifically made for these extensions. So I went and spent $60 on the shampoo & conditioner, and I am having some major issues with these products. The shampoo is okay, although I feel like I have to use a lot. The conditioner however, is a leave in which I didn't actually realise until I read the instructions 5 mins before jumping in the shower. I absolutely LOATHE leave in conditioner to begin with but this stuff just makes my hair feel so so heavy, it makes it matt and knot constantly, and it makes my hair go so unbelievably greasy that within 24 hours it looks like I haven't washed my hair in a month, my scalp looks like I have dandruff because the leave in conditioner creates massive build up, my scalp is soo itchy ALL.THE.TIME that I can't stop scratching it!

But what I wanted to know is, do you think it really does matter if I use a regular shampoo & conditioner? The hairdressers told me explicitly not to use anything other than their own products, but I have spoken to a friend with extensions and she said she just uses whatever and it's fine.

Has anyone ever had a situation like this? I am so so tempted to use my usual salon shampoo & conditioner but I'm scared. I don't know what could possibly happen if I do, but I don't really want to somehow destroy my $500+ hair by using the wrong products.

Please please please help me if you can!


  1. I would assume that their products are made without certain ingredients so that it doesn't eat away the bonds?

    I guess you could compare them with your normal stuff.

    $60 is a lot for shampoo and conditioner, maybe try your conditioner but only apply it to bottom half of your hair?

  2. thanks for the advice doll :)
    the hairdresser said something about the pH balance being the important thing.
    Maybe putting regular conditioner on the ends would make it less tangly, but the main thing that's bothering me above everything is constantly scratching my scalp. its so sore lol

  3. Note to self: Get clip in extensions !

    But yeah, I had a friend who put extensions in her whole head so she'd have volume [[she has very thin hair]], and she used regular shampoo and conditioner. And conditioner is not meant to go on your scalp !! Which is why its itching so much >__< I would get a cream for detangling the hair, after you use your shampoo and conditioner !

  4. You should use their products on the extentions (IE mainly under the top layer of your natural hair and below your crown) and use your regular s&c on your scalp and top layer. The products are mostlikely made to one-reduce build up on the extentions and two to similate the natural oils your own hair has as well as to extend the life of the extentions.

    I don't know if they are sythetic or human hair but human hair extentions dry out and look dull and flat which will make them look wig like. Synthetic extentions are wax coated and some products will break down the coating faster.
    (20 years as a master colorist working around those lovely girls that are patient enough to put extentions in, you learn a thing or two.)


  5. Hey, to combat the greasiness, try something like Batiste or any other dry shampoo? Tigi do a good one in their Rockaholic range. It will help absorb the excess oil and you brush it out. I don't know anything about extensions though hun, sorry hxx

  6. Hey, sorry to comment yet another one of your entries but I used to wear glue in extensions while I was waiting for my natural hair to grow back so the things I'm about to recommend really only apply if they are glue in human hair accessories.

    I used to use normal shampoo and condition with a leave in treatment afterwards, but I would only apply the leave in treatment on the bottom half of my hair (which was the extensions).

    The other thing that was really awesome was I would do overnight hair masks. (In other words I put a sh!tload of treatment and condition onto my hair in a big sloppy mess, massaged it in and then glad wrapped my head, washing it out in the morning.

    Never sleep with them wet unless your doing a hair wrap like I said before.

    Try to sleep with your hair in loose plaits - it will prevent them pulling (causing them to loosen and fall out sooner than normal).

    Invest in a satin or silk pillow case. It will also prevent them pulling and most importantly, tangling.

    Never brush them with a normal brush. Buy a wide tooth comb - a normal brush will thin them out very quickly.

    Try to avoid brushing them when they are wet.

    Let them dry naturally as often as possible.

    No expensive shampoo and condition is needed, just treatment them a lot to stop them going hard, stiff and coarse.