Tuesday, May 4, 2010

extensions! &ootd

Well I got my hair done today. It was so fun. Not at all painful, and I can barely even feel them in my hair. I love them! I was pretty scared they'd look super fake but they match my hair colour perfectly and I personally don't think they look too fake. Here are the before and after pictures I promised =)
Please excuse my half whited out face. My eyebrows are currently a disgrace. And this photo is just generally unflattering. This is how long my natural hair is. It looks awful in this picture because I was told not to bother washing or straightening it.
And this is my after shot. The hairdressers didn't bother cutting the extensions because they blended in so well and most of my layers had grown out. Because the hairdressers there were all learning how to apply these, I had a fair few different people doing my hair(I felt very special). And because everyone was learning from the HairTalk rep it took longer than usual. It took under 3 hours. I left the house at 3pm and was home a bit before 6pm. That's including washing, blow drying, teaching, applying and straightening. Usually they only take around 45 minutes - 1 hour. I am seriously in love with my hair now! I just have to get used to having long hair now. My boyfriends hair is still longer than mine if you can believe it!
This is definitely not my best photographic work! haha or maybe it is? I'm not very good. But this is what I wore today.
top - Cotton On $10
vest - op shop $2
jean leggings - eBay $15 for 2 pairs
boots - Kmart $20
cheap outfit =D

What do you guys think of my hair? My mum thinks it's too long. She has always said my face is too small for long hair haha

paige x


  1. I definitely LOVE the hair extensions! They look SO so fresh and gorgeous. And really? You got those jean leggings for TWO pairs for only 15 bucks? AHH I need to find that deal!


  2. The hair extensions look good on you!:D Looks healthy and shiny.:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. gorgeous!!! awwww..!!! i wanna try some hair extensions too

  4. They don't look fake at all, really suits you and looks natural! :)


  5. Love it! Looks really pretty and natural! :)

  6. I like it <33



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