Thursday, November 3, 2011

remembering loved ones at your wedding

I've been doing some thinking about my wedding.

I want to do something to commemorate the loved ones that have passed away.
I've been looking at vogue forums and various wedding sites for ideas but they don't really appeal to me.

The two most common things seem to be; Lighting a candle and setting a place at dinner for the people who are no longer alive.
I like the first idea but, no offence to anyone who has done the second one but that is just really not my style.

I was thinking we could make a toast and then ask everyone to join us on the dancefloor for a song that is very special to me, sort of a dedication dance I suppose.

I've already decided on the song.
It will be Dream a Little Dream of Me by The Mamas and the Papas.

It's one of my favourite songs of all time and it holds a lot of meaning in relation to when my grandfather died.
If you haven't heard it, I definitely reccomend watching it below.
It's worth the 3 minutes out of your day.

Has anyone ever heard of this being done before? What do you think of the idea?


  1. What a lovely idea, people focus too much on being sad because their loved ones are gone, we should celebrate their lives and how they affected us. They'll be watching down on us smiling, because were smiling. Hope your well (: xx

  2. Thank you Sheniz :)
    I agree, if I set a place for them at dinner I'd just be looking at it all night, feeling sad.
    Instead I'll share a song with them, I know they'll be dancing away in heaven!