Wednesday, November 16, 2011

burnt brows

I went to my usual beauty therapist the other day to get my eyebrows waxed.
I get my brows done roughly every 3 weeks, as my eyebrow hair grows like mad.

When the woman put the wax on my eyebrows I thought 'Wow, this wax is hot. Should be nice and effective!'
Then she proceeded to wax each eyebrow FOUR TIMES.
I know beauty therapists are not miracle workers, and yes I have stubborn hair.
I understand the need to go over them a second time but come on, FOUR TIMES?!
By the time I left (and after she put on the apparent 'soothing cream') my eyebrows weren't just stinging, they were burning.

I stopped in at McDonalds to grab a drink and my brows hurt so bad that I asked the girl serving me for some ice to put on them and she commented on how sore they looked, and that it looked as thought my skin had been taken off.
One of her co-workers also commented on how sore they looked.

I went to have a look in the mirror after these comments and this is what I discovered;

I went back to my beauty therapist to show her what happened and to ask if there was anything I could put on them as the burning was unbearable.
The silly woman put on more 'soothing cream' that you usually get after a wax.

Then she put on some kind of Dermalogica soothing cream and gave me some sachets to use at home in case it started burning again.
It didn't work.

She was quite apologetic and even refunded my money but her main excuse was 'Sometimes this just happens.' which really annoyed me.

I have been getting my eyebrows waxed since I was 14.
I've been to numerous beauty therapists that have used all kinds of waxes on me.
I have even been going to this exact same beauty salon for about 2 years.

I was also told they would heal really quick.
It is impossible to put make up on my brow area as it burns,
my face wash dripped on to my brows while I was in the shower and it burnt,
letting water touch them burns.

What if I had been getting married in the next couple of days?
Or even just had an event?
They are currently healing, and by healing I mean scabbing.
I look like I have leprosy of the eyebrows! lol

[I'd just like to point out that the white stuff on my eyebrows are bits of napkin that flaked off as I had covered a napkin in ice to soothe my eyebrows]

I'd also like to point out that while I was resizing these photos, and cutting out my face that I noticed a lot, and I mean A LOT of stray hairs all around my eyebrows that were not removed even after being waxed four times on each brow, and being gone over with the tweezers.
I attempted to pluck these stray hairs just to see if it was impossible to get them but it was easy.
Safe to say I'm not happy with this overall experience and will not be going back.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything similar?
I'd love to hear your horror stories!



  1. That is horrendous! I hope they're feeling a bit better today. Seriously, even though they refunded you, I'd go back and put in a formal complaint or even take it higher. They look like serious burns! And on such a fragile delicate area like your eyes, its so dangerous!

    Again I hope they heal really fast xx

  2. this happens because you're never supposed to go over strip wax more than once.. if she missed hairs she should of used hot wax instead of putting more and more strip wax on :/! lame, I'm sure it healed within a few days though xx

  3. She didn't use strip wax just hot wax. It took almost 2 weeks to heal. Couldn't even put Sorbolene or anything on them for over a week :(