Thursday, October 14, 2010

i'm going crazy!

My house is in shambles! There are boxes everywhere and the house just looks so bare. I've packed away all dvds, games, game systems, controllers, candles, photographs & decorative things. We took apart our bed yesterday just so we could use the floorspace for packing and sorting through things. Basically, all that is left in the house is the furniture, tv and the xbox(a necessity according to my boyfriend). I still have to tackle the kitchen, my closet, and the bathroom.

I cannot stand living like this. It's impossible to move without walking in to something and there is shit EVERYWHERE because there's just no one where to put things that aren't ready to be put in a box yet.

Today Louise is coming over for coffee and we are going to pack away the majority of my closet. I'm going to clean it out while I'm there. Must.Be.Ruthless. Louise will come in handy when clearing out my closet because if I hold something up and say "Keep?" she will more than likely say "Nope. It's fucking ugly. Why did you buy that?" hahaha. She is very honest with me, which is one of the many things I love about her.

So the aim for today is to pack away clothes, shoes, scarves, hats, belts, jewellery. And then we are doing possibly the stupidest thing ever. We are going shopping. So I will probably end up having to re-clean out my closet haha.

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately but I have been incredibly busy packing. Everything will go back to normal when I'm in my new house.


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