Tuesday, November 16, 2010

shopping alone?

I love shopping(like 99% of the female race)
I just love it. There is something about the anticipation of finding the perfect dress for that party, or the perfect top to go with those pants or shopping for no particular reason and finding something perfect for you.
I love shopping.
I love shopping with my best friend Louise and I love shopping with my boyfriend.
My boyfriend is a suprisingly good shopper. He holds all the clothes I plan on trying on/buying so I am free to keep browsing the racks.
He is eternally patient and tells me to take my time.
He even wanders off on his own and comes back with a proud look on his face holding a dress or a top he thinks I may like. And about 90 percent of the time he holds up something I do like.
It's amazing, really.
When I shop with Louise, we often end up buying the exact same things, and having to co-ordinate our outfits when we go out so that we aren't wearing the same thing.

When it comes to clothes, I don't have a particular style. I honestly just wear whatever I like. I do not dress for other people. I dress for myself, only.

I have noticed lately however, that when I am shopping if I pick up something I like and the person I'm with says they don't like it, I am very likely to put it back. I mean, who wants to buy something and wear it when they know that the people they are around think what you're wearing is horrible?
No one.

I need to stop doing this. I need to stop picking up clothes and saying 'What do you think?' to my shopping buddies.
I have decided that I need to go shopping by myself so that when I see something I like, I don't feel the need to ask for reassurance. I need to go shopping by myself so that I buy things I really like, so that I don't feel tempted to put things back because others don't like it. If I like it, that should be all that natters, yes?
I personally think I dress nicely and have a pretty good fashion sense, so I need to trust my own instincts and stop looking for others approval. This has always been something that has bothered me, the looking for approval thing. I'm not an attention seeker by any means, I guess I just like to please people.

I made myself a promise at the beginning of this season.
'I will be more experimental with my clothes. I will buy things that I like and that may not necessarily be 'cool' or 'in fashion'. As long as I like it, I will wear it.'
Well I haven't done very well with this.
I have bought very few things that I thought were nice, and wouldn't normally wear but of course they are hanging in my closet, tags still attatched, never worn.

On Thursday, my experiment begins. My boyfriend will be playing soccer in the town over, and he is going to drop me off to shop alone and pick me up when he is done.
I am going to get dolled up to my own satisfaction and not ask my boyfriend if I look okay(I ask him frequently) And I am going to do this on my own.
I'm actually a bit excited!

Anyway, I think I have rambled enough for one day.

Have a great week, dolls!


  1. love this post. its so true that when people say they dont like it, you put it back. i say 'stuff that'. im dressing for me, not for them and just because they wouldnt wear it, doesnt mean that i wouldnt.

    =D good decision.

  2. Aww, your boyfriend sounds so sweet! Lucky girlie then ay' ;P!

    By the way, i gave you a blog award; shensbeauty.blogspot.com xx

  3. Yay! Dressing for yourself is always best. New follower btw! :) like your stuff so far!
    I think it's pretty much impossible to not be influenced in some way by other people, as I don't think a person would be dressing up like that if they never saw another person or went out. But there's certainly a difference between dressing for yourself and dressing for others. I hope you take this new motivation seriously and let it bring you to new heights!