Saturday, January 21, 2012

i'm back!

Well, it has officially been FOREVER since I have last blogged. I've really missed blogging but I have just been so busy lately that I can barely spare a second to write a post.

What I've been up to since my last blog;
I've been in crazy wedding mode.
- I went dress shopping with my mum and best friend yesterday and I tried on some amazing dresses. You're not supposed to take photos in a bridal store for copyright reasons but Louise managed to get a few on the sly. I'm undecided about whether to post them or not.
- The whole guest list thing is driving me insane and I am only up to the engagement party!
Nick's parents had a very bitter divorce about 10 years ago and the two sides of his family hold a lot of animosity towards each other and there are a few family members that are not afraid to cause a scene. Throw some alcohol in to the mix and the situation will quickly escalate.
I am quite literally scared of my own engagement party for this reason.
- Nick and I have decided to do all our wedding invitations, engagment invitations, place cards, rsvp cards etc ourselves so that we can get exactly what we want and not spend a fortune.
I made up some save the date cards and engagement invitations yesterday and they look really nice if I do say so myself but printing them is turning out to be an issue so we went and bought a printer today. Way to save money, hey?

Other than wedding stuff, there has been a fair amout drama going on in my life. I won't go in to any detail as it's highly personal but it's the main reason I've been MIA on the blog front.

I finally recieved my certificate for the course I finished last September (about time!) so will hopefully have a new job very soon!

I'm going to go back and study this year, I've got my sights set on pathology.

I did a post a few months back about Demi, my future brother-in-law's cat that we took in, yeah well, she's still here.
I got so attached to her and Nick's brother said that because she settled in with us then it would be cruel to move her again.
She is absolutely beautiful, her wound has healed perfectly and she is very well behaved.
She follows me around like a dog and likes to chew on all our electrical cords, which is proving to be very hard to deal with lol but we are saving lots of energy by turning everything off at the powerpoint now!
Demi gets along incredibly well with our other cat and they always snooze together on the foot of our bed.


And that's my update for now.
I will post again soon.