Tuesday, October 25, 2011

soft kitty, warm kitty.

little ball of fur.
happy kitty, sleepy kitty.
purr, purr, purr.

If you're bored by animals then this post is not for you.


I'm going to tell you guys a little story...

This beautiful baby is called Demi.
She belongs to my fiancee's younger brother and she is temporarily living with us.

The story goes, Nick's dad got a promotion that relocated him to Queensland, so him, his wife and youngest son moved. The company he works for is paying for them to stay in an apartment for 8 weeks in Queensland while they look for a house to buy.
The apartment they are staying in has a no pet rule so they left Demi at their house in this town.(Their house is on the market and still fully furnished until the 8 weeks is up, then movers will come and move everything to their new house)
Nick's older brother is supposed to go to the house every day to feed Demi and change her water etc.
I should probably add here that the cat had access to a garage that housed her food and water bowl but could also go outside too.

Nick and myself thought it was a little cruel to leave her all alone for 8 weeks so we started visiting the cat every 2nd day, taking her toys and treats.

We went to visit her on Thursday and she let out the loudest meow I've ever heard from a cat. Nick picked her up to cuddle her and felt a lump near the base of her tail, then all of a sudden this liquid started oozing out, (it seriously looked like a gigantic pimple had popped) the pus smelled putrid, I've never smelled anything so foul in my life.
Nick then broke in to his dad's house to get me a cloth so I could wipe her down to get a better look and when I tried to get near her she started hissing and making crying noises.
We wrapped her up in a towel and took her to the vets, (all the while she was whimpering. It breaks my heart remembering the painful noises she was making)

The vets were amazing, they were completely booked out but they got us in almost right away anyways. The vet had to shave some hair to get a better look and told us that she had an abscess from a cat bite she got in a fight, that had burst.
He said she needed an operation to get it cut open so the wound could drain properly.
Upon closer inspection, it turned out that Demi had quite a severe scratch on her actual eyeball and on her nose and one of her ears.
The poor thing was clearly in so much pain, and just exhausted.
Her temperature was taken and it was sky high.
The vet said if we hadn't have gone to see her that day, she would probably have seized and died from the high temperature.
All I can say to that is, THANK GOD!
We were informed that Demi would need quite constant care over the next week or so and there was no way we were letting her go back to that empty garage, where the worlds largest cat was terrorising her.(I got a glimpse of the cat last week)
We really had no option but to take her in for the next 6 weeks until Nicks family is settled and are ready for her to be moved to Queensland.

So we had to leave her at the vets overnight and pick her up Friday afternoon.

Nick and I already have a cat, and he was abused when he was a kitten and as a result is not a friendly cat at all, (except to myself and Nick, that is)
We were really worried about putting the two of them together.

I went to Nicks fathers house on Friday while Nick was at work, to grab Demi's bowl and litter tray but they were so filthy that I just went out and bought her all new stuff.
I'm really disappointed in Nick's older brother. Demi obviously didn't get the care she needed/deserved. She had no food, barely any water and a filthy litter tray.
She had also never been fed wet food.

So we picked her up from the vets Friday and the poor thing just looked so confused, defeated and exhausted.

I have to clean her wound 3 times a day with tap water in a syringe, give her eye ointment 3 times a day and pills twice a day.
I thought it would be a nightmare to do but she is an absolute angel when it comes time to take care of these things.
I honestly think she knows I am just trying to help her so she just sits on my lap and lets me.

She is doing really well, absolutely loves company and she follows me around like a puppy dog.
She gets so excited at about 6pm because that means dinner time, and I feed her tinned cat food.

I hope I don't come across as sounding resentful for having to take her in because I truly am not.
She is a gorgeous girl and I have already fallen in love with her.
I'm just really scared of having to give her back to Nick's little brother.
It's safe to say I am attatched. How could I not be? I'm taking complete care of her and she is so lovely.
Ugh, I hope I get to keep her!

Sorry this post has been so long, I just needed to get the story off my chest, including how unimpressed I am with Nick's family, as it's not something I really want to say to him, even though I know he feels the same way.

I'll keep you updated on the kitten situation.