Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cheap tuesday

I'm going to split this post in to two parts.

The first is just an outfit of the day and a summary of what I got up to and the second one will be some of the bargains I have bought recently.

Today I am wearing a very inexpensive outfit.
dress; Valleygirl - $10.75(I love 30% off storewide!)
bracelets; Diva - $5
ring; Diva - $5
The other ring I am wearing was certainly not cheap but I wear it every day as it's my favourite piece of jewellery and a gift from my lovely boyfriend.

Today I went for coffee with two friends from high school which was really nice.
It feels so weird to catch up with people I haven't seen in awhile.
My friends from high school have all gone off in different directions and I don't really talk to any of them anymore, which is okay.
I'm trying to start my life as an adult and I feel that a lot of my old high school friends haven't really grown up yet. Not that I have anything against people having fun and going out and getting drunk, I just feel like a lot of them are still in the 'I'm 16' mindframe whereas I'm in the 'holycrap I'm almost 21' mind frame.
I am trying to make a life for myself and it's just so strange to hear and see so many people that are still in the exact same place(if not backwards) as graduation.
I don't really know where I'm going with this, just putting my thoughts out there.

Are you guys still close with your high school friends or do you have a new circle?


Monday, January 24, 2011

manic monday

 Today was spent in a bit of a rush going to physio and doctors appointments with my boyfriend as he hurt himself at work.

Supre singlet
Cotton On vest
Target shorts
Diva bracelets
Diva ring
Michael Hill ring
Tiffany&Co necklace

I want to apologise for being such a bad blogger as of late.
I fully intend on being better!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

moving on

I finally moved in to my new house in early December and I am loving it. I'm on a huge decorating kick at the moment and I feel like my house is nearly finished. I thought I'd share some of my favourite tidbits of my new place. Enjoy!

I took some more photos but for some reason blogger won't let me upload them.